Our Services

We’ve helped businesses (big or small!) to navigate the world of Government Procurement through personalized services since 1996.

We specialize in Federal and State contracting, and can assist with local city procurement, too!

All of our services are free, and are made possible through our funding by the Defense Logistics Agency.

Our program serves businesses located in Riverside or San Bernardino counties only. Click here to find a PTAC near you.

Read more about what our program has to offer:

One-on-One Counseling

Our most popular service! Personalized 50-minute one-on-one counseling sessions with our Procurement Specialists, where we can guide you through each step of your procurement journey.

Identify Procurement Opportunities

Find solicitations through our TPAC! Learn how to identify opportunities for your business and how to quickly understand the requirements and key terms.

Industry Classification

We can help you to identify the correct classification (NAICS) codes for your business. Additionally, we can show you how to see your codes’ competition and federal statistics.

Government Portal & Systems Registration

One of the most complicated and overwhelming steps of procurement is the registration process(es). We can help you to register for all of the necessary databases such as:

  • SAM
  • DUNS
  • SBA Dynamic Small Business Search
  • ORCA
  • & More!

Marketing to Government Agencies

Strategy: We can help you to develop a successful marketing strategy to attract the Government to your business.

Market Research: We can help you find information for competitors and/or vendors associated with your product or service, and show you how you compare.

Proposals & Solicitations

We can review full solicitations and help you to develop your proposal. We’ll help you through each step of even the most complicated solicitation packages!

Bid Matching

We can help you connect with agencies who are in need of your product, subcontracting opportunities, and bids your business will be most qualified to win.

Continued Education & Procurement Training

We offer over 20 workshops and webinars per year to help you continue your procurement education, taught by our staff or specialized guest speakers.

Events & Networking

We provide events where our clients are encouraged to network with others.

Meet face-to-face with:

  • Procurement Officials
  • Prime Contractors
  • Agency Offices
  • Subcontractors
  • Federal Agencies

See our upcoming events here.

Our program serves businesses located in Riverside or San Bernardino counties only. Click here to find a PTAC near you.